The latest version of a solar powered Photon based weather station that collects wind, rain, soil temperature, soil moisture, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity data. All data is uploaded via WiFi to Wunderground.

At, we are focused on making the latest remote sensing technologies available for use in school gardens so students and teachers have access to garden data in their classrooms. Use these tools to monitor key information about your garden, collect and analyze data, or design experiments to learn about garden biology. Teachers and students can access their school sensors as well as data and analysis tools right from their own garden web sites.

SmartGardens For STEM Learning The Little Red Box

​​Home of the Little Red Box™ for k12 education

We are presenting a workshop at the California STEM Symposium in Anaheim, CA on October 30th, 2015. You can access a PDF of the presentation with links to the references.


​​​​​​This Little Red Box contains a Photon with attached soil moisture and temperature sensors. The small window provides a view of the sky for the UV, infrared, and visible light sensor. Collected data can be viewed in graphic displays and data tables are available that can be downloaded in spreadsheet format (CSV).